Technical SEO

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Internal Linking

Banish thoughts of stumbling in the dark tunnels of SEO; light your path instead. Unearth the power of internal linking strategies, the humble yet cunning labyrinth builder of the SEO kingdom. Let’s explore the terrain together, journeying through the complex catacombs of digital communication. Our destintion? Five research-based strategies with proven results, comparing the endless […]

Ranking Factors

Surely, rankings matter. Picture an Olympic athlete chasing down milliseconds, fractions that stand between gold and silver. You too, are no different. Each click, each share – microscopic yet monumental – your hike to the digital summit. Yet, with over 3.5 billion searches on Google each day, it’s about conquering Everest, not just any hill.  […]

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Technical SEO Overview

Meta Title: Technical SEO in 2024: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide Welcome to Technical SEO in 2024. Picture yourself, for a moment, as an explorer navigating an uncharted landscape. The terrain is vast; the challenges are many. But with a compass in your hand and a clear route in mind, every step forward brings you closer […]

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Technical SEO Audit

Picture an orchestra – each instrument tuned meticulously to work in perfect harmony. Now think of your website as this orchestra and the different elements of SEO as individual instruments. In the realm of SEO, all elements may not sound as satisfying on their own, but when applied in unison, they create a symphony that […]

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301 Redirects

Picture yourself in an art gallery. You’re admiring a masterpiece, drawn to its intricate details—but suddenly, the painting shifts. It’s the same artwork, yet it’s changed. Redirects in the digital world, much like shifting paintings, are powerful tools in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the web. But not all redirects are masterpieces. Especially the frequently […]

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All Meta Tags

Unlock the secret language of the internet. Do you ever wonder how search engines pick websites for the coveted top spots? Or why certain pages seem to show up everywhere? It’s as if these sites speak a hidden dialect – one that web crawlers listen to. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? Welcome to the arcane world […]

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Page With Redirect in Google Search Console

Understanding redirects in Google Search Console can be challenging. Many people find redirects confusing, but they are important for managing website traffic and search engine rankings. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of redirects and show you how to use Google Search Console to monitor and troubleshoot them. By the end, you’ll have a […]

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Meta Descriptions

In the competitive click driven world of SEO, meta descriptions are a digital icebreaker. They set the stage for user engagement and act as a virtual elevator pitch for your content. A great meta description sets the expectation for the content and it can significantly influence whether a user clicks through or scrolls past. This […]

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Error 404 In-Depth

Error 404! We’ve all encountered one of these frustrating messages while surfing the web. You click on a link expecting to sail smoothly onto the next page and instead are greeted by the dreaded ‘404 Page Not Found’ message. Frustrating right? According to a comprehensive study by Ahrefs, since 2013, 66.5% of links from over […]

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404 Page Design

The 404 page is likely the one page your readers are never supposed to encounter— a digital dead end that, paradoxically, offers a unique opportunity for reconnection. Even though the user’s arrival on a 404 page is always ‘unintended,’ stemming from a broken link or error, it presents a singular chance to showcase your brand’s […]

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The HTML Image Tag

In the realm of web development, the HTML img tag is akin to the paintbrush in an artist’s toolkit. It’s the primary means by which we bring visual elements to a web page, enriching user experience and engagement. But did you know that this seemingly simple HTML image tag has layers of complexity that can […]

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Image Sitemap 101

In this guide we’ll discuss the benefits of image sitemaps, and how and when to use them. Table of Contents But why should you worry about your images indexing? In 2023 there are 136 billion images on Google Images and by 2030 this is expected to rise to 382 billion! Matic Broz, PhoTutorial Furthermore, according to a […]

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Image Alt Text

Image alt text is one of the core elements of a website for both SEO and accessibility reasons. Unfortunately, according to a study by Ahrefs, 80.4% of of domains still have missing alt text as an issue! Placing it as the third most common technical SEO issue after 3xx and HTTP redirects. So let’s dive […]