AutoSEO Software Services Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions apply to the update and support services provided by 4choice Ltd of the United Kingdom to you as a user of software provided by AutoSEO for which you have paid the applicable fees.

Customer Support

At AutoSEO, we are dedicated to offering assistance for your ongoing subscriptions in the most effective manner. Primarily, we use email as our main mode of communication, but may occasionally utilize other channels. Feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Software Installation

Once you purchase AutoSEO, a zip file containing the plugin will be available for download. This file will need to be manually installed by uploading it to your Wordpress site. While we strive to avoid any potential issues, we cannot be held accountable for any complications that may arise during the installation process. This includes any security issues or website downtime. Please ensure your website's compatibility with AutoSEO before proceeding with installation.

Software Updates

AutoSEO periodically releases software updates designed to enhance functionality and fix any existing bugs or issues. Access to these updates is granted to users with an active subscription. As we continuously aim to improve user experience, we highly value your feedback on any issues you encounter. Such feedback aids us in the development of future updates. 4choice Ltd holds ownership of all updates, which are provided under the GPL license in alignment with all AutoSEO software.

Updating Your Software

To install an update, download the zip file from our website and overwrite your current AutoSEO installation.

Payment Terms

Support and updates for our software are provided once the relevant fees have been paid. Upon receiving your initial subscription fee, you will gain immediate access to the software. Fees for any following terms need to be paid upfront, in a manner specified by AutoSEO. Refunds can typically be claimed up to 7 days post payment.

AutoSEO reserves the right to modify the fees for each payment period. All changes in pricing will be pre-announced on our website or through an email notification. If a price increase occurs within three months of your purchase of an AutoSEO product, you are entitled to terminate the agreement.

Service Limitations

We hold the right to cancel or restrict our services under certain conditions such as explicit or offensive content on the website(s) in question, uncivil behavior towards AutoSEO staff, or unreasonable demands beyond the contract's scope. In such cases, you will receive a written explanation regarding the suspension or limitation of our services.


All non-public information we may gather from you in connection with your software usage will be treated with utmost confidentiality. However, this does not apply to any suggestions you make for updates.

Data Privacy

You are required to refrain from sharing personal data with AutoSEO that is not specified in our Privacy Policy. In the event of such a breach, you will be held responsible for covering all costs and damages related to data processing and removal, including administrative fines and secure deletion costs.

Liability Limitation

Except in cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, AutoSEO is not liable for any damages arising in connection with services under this agreement. This encompasses data loss, operational failures, loss of revenue, or missed profits.

Subscription Duration

The agreement commences on the day we receive your initial payment and will last for the selected subscription term, either one month or twelve months. The agreement is automatically renewed for the same term upon receipt of subsequent payments. Either party can cancel the subscription at any time by the end of the billing period.


Any offered discounts are applicable only to the initial term of the purchased subscription.

Terms Modification

AutoSEO holds the right to single-handedly modify these terms and conditions. Any changes will be immediately effective.


Any disputes related to this agreement are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.

GPL License

Our software is made available under the GPL license.

The GNU General Public License is a free, copyleft license for software and other kinds of works. You can find the entire text of the license here.

Additional terms apply

In the light of Article 7 of the GPL license, the following additional terms apply.

  • You are prohibited to make misrepresentations of the origin of that material, or to require that modified versions of such material be marked in reasonable ways as different from the original version;
  • You are limited in the use for publicity purposes of names of licensors or authors of the material;
  • You are declined any grant of rights under trademark law for use of the trade names, trademarks, or service marks of 4choice Ltd;
  • You are required to indemnify licensors and authors of that material by anyone who conveys the material (or modified versions of it) with contractual assumptions of liability to the recipient, for any liability that these contractual assumptions direct.