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Welcome to the era of personalized marketing, where AI is the standard, not an option. This article explores how 12 emerging AI tools revolutionize content creation, teamwork, and customer interaction.

Let’s do a little deep learning!

AI, the Catalysing Trend in Marketing

In 2023, AI is already the pivotal technological disruptor of the decade, with the world’s most innovative companies rapidly infusing it into their billion-dollar businesses.

According to Hubspot’s 2023 ‘AI Trends for Marketers’ report, 35% of marketers already harness AI. Hubspot further states that AI marketing tools save marketing employees almost 2.5 hours daily.

 Right now, research (48%), skill acquisition (32%), and brainstorming (22%) are the leading use cases, with tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard front and centre

Graph showing the top 4 uses of AI for marketing

Leveraging AI for Marketing Breakthroughs 

In August 2023, Coca-Cola invited 30 digital creatives to its Atlanta headquarters for a unique event called the ‘Real Magic Creative Academy.’ Over three days, the artists used OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dalle 3 platforms to design potential merchandise, personalized advertising copy, and digital collectibles, receiving credit for their work.

James Quincey, Coca-Cola’s Chairman and CEO, praised the initiative, highlighting the “unprecedented creative potential” AI technology brings to marketing and operational efficiency.

The Coca-Cola initiative marked the first outcome of a partnership between OpenAI and management consultancy Bain & Company. Bain plans to spearhead more projects to help its clientele leverage AI technology.

AI, Levels the Marketing Playing Field

Despite interest and investment from Fortune 500 giants, AI is poised to equalize the marketing landscape. AI tools reduce the impact of a company’s size by enabling teams of any scale to amplify their creativity and productivity.

If you’re in a small team, you can leverage AI marketing tools for virtual expertise in editing, design, strategy, and operations. These AI ‘experts provide cost-effective solutions and allow even the smallest businesses to compete by enhancing their marketing strategy and reach.

OpenAI’s 2023 DevDay revealed custom GPT models and an ‘app store,’ further expanding opportunities for marketing teams to tailor AI marketing solutions to their specific workflows.

AI Tools+Quality Ideas for a Competitive Edge

Meghan Keaney Anderson, Marketing head at Jasper AI, suggests that uniqueness, not organizational size, will be the key differentiator of market success because when anybody can be a marketer, only the best ideas will win.

The Hyper Personal Future of Marketing 

AI tools are revolutionizing brand engagement by facilitating highly personalized experiences, and this marks a shift from traditional, broad-based outreach and basic keyword searches to dynamic, AI-driven interactions.

These developments prompt an examination of current AI tools, and we’ve chosen twelve. Each brings distinct advantages and offers something fresh for your marketing toolkit.

In scrutinizing these tools, consider how they might sharpen your creative output, refine your marketing strategies with analytic precision, and forge campaigns that resonate individually.

We’ve deliberately omitted ChatGPT and Bard from the list, as we feel almost everyone has some familiarity with them.  Instead, we’ve chosen to focus on tools that can complement their capabilities or enhance areas of current weakness while bolstering various aspects of your company’s marketing workflow.

Let’s dive in.

Jasper leverages its AI  smarts to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content that lessens marketers’ content creation burden. It complements tools like ChatGPT, offering access to a broader range of Large Language Models (LLMs) and a highly focused set of marketing and copywriting templates and workflows. 

By automating routine writing tasks, Jasper allows you to focus on creating campaigns that resonate with your target audiences and contain deeper data-driven insights. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Speed of Production: Jasper enhances the speed of content creation from ideation to execution, enabling faster outcomes.
  • Analytics & Insights: Jasper is integrated with Surfer SEO  allowing marketing teams to adjust, rewrite and refine content for  higher performance.
  • Company Intelligence: With a central hub for all your content teams, Jasper can align your brand and product positioning to ensure consistent messaging.


  • Creator: $49/mo, 7-day trial, 1 user, templates, SEO, extension.
  • Teams: $125/mo, 7-day trial, multi-brand, 3 users, tools.
  • Business: Custom AI, unlimited use, API, analytics, security. Contact sales. is an AI-assisted ad creation platform created to speed up ad creation, and align brand voice across multiple ad channels, allowing teams to elevate their conversion rates and decrease the time spent on design.

AdCreative leverages AI to generate a multitude of conversion-focused, pre-scored ad creatives and offers tools to streamline and automate the ad creative process.  As a result, marketing teams can swiftly identify their top-performing ads while analyzing and uncovering insights into the competition.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Generation: A swift creative process makes it easy to generate hundreds of ad creatives in minutes, with the potential to multiply conversion rates up to 14X.
  • Multivariate Testing: Easy identification of top-performing variations elevates CTR, with AdCreatives claiming that over 95% of users see improvements within the first month.
  • Brand Consistency: A uniform brand voice and style can help you adapt to diverse platforms while maintaining a consistent marketing strategy.
  • Intelligent Data Insights: Creative insights and competitor analysis fine-tune your strategies and optimize ad performance.
  • Streamlined Collaboration:  A centralized platform with generative AI capabilities allows for enhanced text and headline generation, personalizing the creative process.


  • Starter: $29/mo | 10 credits | 1 brand
  • Premium: $59/mo | 25 credits | 2 brands
  • Ultimate: $99/mo | 50 credits | 2 brands
  • Scale-Up: $149/mo | 100 credits | 2 brands

Frase: AI

Frase specializes in crafting premium SEO content to empower marketers to secure top positions on Google’s front page. The platform provides an intuitive interface, comprehensive keyword research, and a seamless workflow from initial research to final draft. 

Frase allows marketers to drive organic traffic, uncover valuable insights into competitors’ content strategies, optimize and analyze content performance, and achieve key objectives.

Key Features

  • Streamlined SERP Analysis: Frase condenses top-ranking page insights, saving you time in SEO research and equipping your content strategists with swift, competitive analyses.
  • Instant Content Briefs & Outlines: Almost instant content briefs and structured outlines are another time-saver, bypassing hours of manual effort.
  • Optimized Headings & Flow: Arming content creators with SERP-driven headings and an intuitive drag-and-drop builder ensures articles meet search intent and reader engagement criteria from the get-go.
  • Content Enhancement Tools:Frase guides your SEO specialists through optimizing text for better rankings, thus integrating competitive insights directly into the editing process.
  • Strategic Keyword & Topic Insights:  Pinpointing and applying critical keywords and topic frequencies will grant your content teams the data to craft superior SEO-friendly material.


  • Solo: $14.99/mo | 1 user | 4 articles/mo
  • Basic: $44.99/mo | 1 user | 30 articles/mo
  • Team: $114.99/mo | 3+ users | Unlimited articles

Firefly (Adobe Creative Cloud)

Adobe’s AI-driven tools, particularly Adobe Sensei and Firefly, offer an enticing option for creative marketing teams working inside Adobe’s ecosystem. With features like Generative fill, intelligent image generation, and language-adaptive design, marketers can rapidly produce visuals and layouts tailored for diverse audiences, speeding up the creative process and enabling quick scaling of marketing campaigns.

Key Features

  • Generative Fill: A groundbreaking feature for Photoshop, generative fill empowers designers with AI-powered object creation within any Photoshop scene. Combined with Photoshop’s advanced editing and composition tools, this ignites the creativity of marketing professionals, unlocking new possibilities for artistic expression.
  • Text to Image: Adobe’s Firefly text-to-image model is meticulously trained on a vast collection of Adobe Stock images, empowering your marketing team to generate visuals while ensuring a worry-free experience regarding copyright concerns.
  • Text Effects: Enhancing text with various styles and textures can add a visually striking quality to phrases and words you employ in your creative marketing..
  • Generative Recolor: Instantly generate diverse color variations for your vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator, bringing a new level of vibrancy to your designs.
  • 3D to Image: Craft images from manipulating 3D models within an interactive environment for a dynamic perspective.


  • Firefly: free | 25 credits per month
  • $4.99 | 100 credits per month.
  • See for Creative Cloud plans


Brand24 website screenshot

Brand24 utilizes the power of AI to provide real-time brand monitoring across 25,000 sources. It offers advanced sentiment analysis and comprehensive metrics, enabling marketing teams to understand their brand’s reach and monitor the resulting customer sentiment.

With Brand24, your company can stay informed about the conversations surrounding your campaigns and brand. The platform’s advanced features deliver insights that allow for informed decisions and proactive management in a way that can enhance both reputation and customer relationships.

Key Features:

  • Real-time brand monitoring: Data can be drawn from across 25+ million sources for immediateinsights into your online mentions and conversations.

  • Advanced sentiment analysis:  AI allows teams to classify online reactions as positive, negative, or neutral enabling easy classification of audience sentiment.

  • In-depth mention metrics: Measure the impact and engagement of your brand mentions across campaigns.

  • Automated reporting: Efficient PR assessment and team communication of strategic insights.

  • Direct access to consumer feedback: Allows better understanding of audience needs and opinions.

  • AI-powered analytical tools: Nuanced data interpretation, including sarcasm detection, can assist in strategic decision-making.

  • Comprehensive hashtag tracking: Evaluate your campaign reach and mention volume.


  • Individual: $99 | 3 keywords | 2k mentions | 1 user | 12h updates | Basic AI

  • Team: $179 | 7 keywords | 5k mentions | Unlimited users | 1h updates | Basic AI

  • Pro: $249 | 12 keywords | 25k mentions | Unlimited users | Realtime updates | Advanced AI

  • Enterprise: $499 | 25 keywords | 100k mentions | Unlimited users | Realtime updates

Browse AI

Browse AI offers an innovative no-code platform that simplifies extracting and monitoring data from any website. With a user-friendly interface, you can train a robot to automate specific data collection into a self-filling spreadsheet, schedule regular extractions, and receive notifications of any changes.

The service provides prebuilt robots for popular use cases such as job listings, event information, and social media insights—this allows marketers to immediately deploy bots for relevant tasks, saving time and effort. 

Integration options are extensive with applications and platforms like Google Sheets, Airtable, and Zapier among the most notable. 

Key Features:

  • Data Extraction: Leverage data extraction on social platforms (TikTok, Reddit, YouTube) for enhanced SEO and strategic social media marketing. Automated data scraping then copies the data into spreadsheets, removing the need for coding.

  • Insight Harvesting: Derive value from your user comments, digital marketplace data (listings, profiles, reviews), video analytics, and hashtag performance, allowing your marketing teams to tailor content that engages with target audiences.

  • Monitoring: Schedule data extraction with change notifications.

  • Prebuilt Robots: Access a library of robots for immediate use on common web sources.

  • Integration: With support for over 7,000 applications, BrowseAI offers comprehensive workflow automation.

  • User-Friendly: Easy to set up with no technical expertise required.


  • Starter: $19/mo, 10k Credits/yr, 10 Robots, 1hr Checks, 40-day Data

  • Pro: $99/mo, 60k Credits/yr, 30 Robots, 15min Checks, 70-day Data, +Automations

  • Team: $249/mo, 120k Credits/yr, 30 Robots, 5min Checks, 5 Users


Synthesia’s generative video platform empowers marketers to transform their written content into videos for seamless sharing across platforms. 

With a diverse selection of 140 avatars, natural-sounding AI voices, support for over 120 languages, and an intuitive editing interface that requires no prior experience, Synthesia’s platform presents an exceptional opportunity for marketing teams without dedicated video specialists to create high-quality how-to’s and product explainers with a simple text script.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Text-to-Video Conversion: Instantly transform your scripts into videos, reducing production costs to nearly zero, enabling the creation of content that would often be discarded due to budget constraints.

  • Multilingual AI Voices: With over 120 language options, marketers are empowered to provide low-cost translation options for global reach.

  • Avatar Customization: A diverse and growing collection of 140+ premade avatars, alongside the ability to data capture your own. Create a fully customized avatar that represents your brand or product.

  • Advanced Editing Features: Seamlessly edit video scripts, background images, and audio and update content without needing reshoots.

  • Integration Friendly: Embed videos seamlessly into various tools and platforms.


  • $29 a month for a Starter plan.

  • Enterprise available on request.


Midjourney is an AI text-to-image tool that has won significant market plaudits due to its exceptional image quality and custom aesthetics. Its extensive control and customization options and personal style tuning empower marketers to explore visual creativity and achieve outstanding image results at a fraction of the normal production cost.

Midjourney’s advanced parameter controls offer options to fine-tune image outputs, including aspect ratios, and experiment with values for varied results. The software is capable of a huge range of high-quality imaging that can significantly impact your design output.

Key Features:

  • Image Model: Highly praised AI image-to-text model capable of aesthetics and useful across all marketing image applications.

  • Advanced Parameter Controls: Fine-tune image outputs to control the image quality and create images with consistent brand styles and aesthetics.

  • Multi-Prompts & Remix: Combine multiple prompts, remix, pan and zoom. Create partial or complete iterations of images.

  • Variations & Describe: Generate subtle or significant variations. Upload external images and have Midjourney ‘describe’ them to reproduce something similar.

  •  Custom Styles: Create, save, and share styles to apply across images.


  • Basic – $10/mo | 3.3hr Fast GPU.

  • Standard – $30/mo | 15hr Fast GPU | Unlimited Relax GPU.

  • Pro – $60/mo | 30hr Fast GPU | Unlimited Relax GPU.

  • Mega – $120/mo | 60hr Fast GPU | Unlimited Relax GPU.

Fibery AI

Fibery combines a work and knowledge hub with artificial intelligence to enhance workspace creation, automate tasks, and streamline searches,. It’s designed to improve your team’s productivity, simplify the project process setup with intelligent templates, and allow your team to experiment with AI capabilities within their existing workflow.

Key Capabilities:

  • AI Space Creation: Marketers can swiftly create custom workspaces, allowing for rapid setup of linked campaigns, content calendars, client portfolios, and project databases with minimal effort.

  • Product Management: Accumulate feedback, reviews, interviews, and social media conversations and segment it by customer persona. Then, connect it to your CRM.

  • Centralise Customer Data: Track all your customer data in a lightweight CRM and link it to projects, meetings, and timelines.

  • Formula Generation: AI formula generation helps you construct complex formulas for data analysis and reporting, saving time and avoiding the need to learn intricate coding or query language.

  • AI-Powered Writing: This feature elevates content creation by assisting with writing, brainstorming, and summarizing tasks crucial for crafting compelling narratives and marketing messages.

  • Automation: Repetitive tasks such as email follow-ups, social media posts, and data entry can be automated.


  • Solo – Free | 1 user | 5 read-only | 90-day history.

  • Standard – $10/user/mo | Unlimited read-only | 90-day history.

  • Pro – $17/user/mo | Unlimited access | Advanced features & support.



Hotjar is an advanced AI analytics tool that empowers marketers with invaluable insights into what their users are looking at, scrolling past, and clicking while on their website. 

Heatmaps help teams observe user behavior, spot errors, and detect usage patterns, letting you drill down into the data behind user behavior and driving data-backed enhancements.

Collaborative features facilitate sharing, commenting, and exchanging insights, nurturing your understanding of the user experience. By prioritizing issues, teams can identify errors, anomalies, site drop-off patterns, and broader areas needing improvement, streamlining the issue detection process and creating proactive resolutions and improvements to your website experience.

Key features

  • Heatmaps & Recordings: Visual representations of where users click and scroll on your pages, revealing engaging content and overlooked areas. Actual user sessions show how users navigate your website, highlighting usability issues.
  • Conversion Funnels: Tracks users’ paths through your website, identifying stages where users leave and don’t convert.
  • AI Form Generation, Reporting & Analysis: Generate surveys and extract data quickly. Analyze user interactions with forms to track fields that may be hindering completion.
  • Feedback Polls and Surveys: Ask direct questions at the right time on your website to collect user feedback and understand behavior.
  • Integrations: Receive notifications directly inside the major platforms your company uses.


  • Basic – Free | 35 sessions | Essential features.

  • Plus – $32/mo | 100 sessions | More tools.

  • Business – $80/mo | 500 sessions | Advanced analytics.

  • Scale – $171/mo | 500 sessions | Full suite & support.

Surfer SEO AI

Surfer AI is an advanced marketing ally designed to elevate your online presence and drive engagement. With its help, marketers can quickly create SEO-driven content and ensure that your articles are optimized for high search engine rankings.

The platform is particularly indispensable for marketers looking to boost organic traffic without the arduous process of manual SEO research. By providing AI-driven insights into keyword optimization, Surfer empowers content creation that garners favorable rankings with search engines.

Key Features

  • GPT-4 32k: A  boosted context size allows for longer, richer, less repetitive content and smoother section transitions.

  • Competitive Analysis: Surfer AI will evaluate your competitors’ content and provide insights to outperform them in search engine rankings, allowing your marketing teams to stay one step ahead.

  • Content Strategy Acceleration: Generate outlines and articles based on what’s currently successful, speeding up your content planning process.

  • SERP-Based Tone of Voice: Ensures your content’s tone aligns with what’s successful on the SERPs, catering to audience preferences—crucial for brand positioning and message consistency.

  • Visual Content Integration: Surfer AI suggests optimal image placements and generates alt tags, helping you enhance articles for both SEO and user engagement.

  • Enhanced Authority: The custom knowledge feature integrates brand facts, elevating the authority and uniqueness of the content, an essential aspect for marketers to build brand credibility.


With Wrike’s Generative AI, marketers can effortlessly produce content briefs, detailed plans, and innovative ideas aligned with their unique brand.

With pre-built templates designed specifically for marketers, Wrike offers an extensive range of processing and planning tools to help marketing teams create and collaborate efficiently.

Key Features

  • Editing and Localization: Enhance and localize content across markets with an AI that edits, translates, and ensures consistency in your tone and style.

  • Automation: Implement automatic approvals and request forms, minimizing the time on administrative work.

  • Content Generation: Produce accurate, brand-aligned content swiftly with an AI that crafts briefs and plans in your unique voice.

  • Campaign Alignment: Centralize all your marketing efforts for consistent messaging across multiple channels.

  • Predictive Analytics: Forecast project risks with an AI that analyzes historical data, optimizes resource allocation and guarantees timely completion.

  • Intelligent Organization: Transform your notes into structured action plans using AI to identify key tasks, streamline project initiation, and drive progress.


In conclusion, AI technologies and tools are creating a once in a decade shift in marketing, transforming how content is created, distributed, and how the customer journey is navigated.

Brands that leverage AI in their marketing strategies can expect improved conversion rates, enhanced customer engagement, and increased brand loyalty.

AI technology levels the marketing playing field, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to compete with larger organizations by providing access to expert-level AI-powered tools and resources.

While AI technology offers tremendous advantages, it’s important to remember that AI s not just about faster content generation; it’s about creating better outcomes.

Not every business will need AI everywhere. But almost all businesses will need AI somewhere.

The successful application of AI in marketing requires more than just the right tools; it demands high-quality data, a deep understanding of the target audience, and the ability to incorporate AI insights into a comprehensive and dynamic marketing strategy.

The marriage of creativity and AI, human expertise and machine learning, is what will truly transform the marketing landscape in the decade to come.

John Buckley

Written by John Buckley

A writer and creative media producer, John explores the intersection of technology and human identity, leveraging AI tools for artistic and meaningful storytelling and delving into the ethical implications of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.