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WordPress’s immense versatility is evident in its captivating blogs, each uniquely tailored to specific interests and audiences. We delve into 20 WordPress blogs, neatly categorized into eight distinct sections.

Each blog provides a window into its dedicated niche, demonstrating WordPress’s prowess in fostering diverse and engaged online communities.

Let’s jump in and visit our first destination.

Lifestyle Blogs

Ape to Gentleman

Ape to Gentleman Blog Screenshot

Ape to Gentleman is a men’s fashion blog offering a modern perspective on traditional gentlemanly subjects. It covers style, grooming, hair, watches, food and drink, and cars. 

The blog is well regarded for its high-quality content, combining articles on the latest sartorial trends with tips on attaining classic gentlemanly elegance. Like a pair of trusty brogues, Sophisticated and polished, Ape to Men aims to provide fashion tips and inspiration for living a refined and stylish life. 

Cup of Jo

Cup of Joe Blog Screenshot

Cup of Jo is a multifaceted daily lifestyle blog aimed at young women. Founded by Joanna Goddard as a personal project in 2007 the blog focuses on style, food, design, travel, relationships, and motherhood. It now has a dedicated team of writers. 

The blog is known for its authentic, relatable content and for embracing the complexity of everyday life. With a clean, inviting design and blog topics focused on high-quality writing, conversational comment sections, and engaging storytelling, it is a vibrant and inclusive platform for its readers, with over 5 million page views monthly. 

The Confused Millennial

The Confused Millennial Blog Screenshot

The Confused Millennial (TCM)  is a relatable lifestyle blog designed for millennials navigating the complexities of adulthood and motherhood. The blog offers insights on personal growth, parenting, mental well-being, financial literacy, and home living. 

TCM’s value lies in its authenticity, addressing issues that resonate with its readers and offering guidance and community during transitional life phases. The blog’s visual style is clean well well-organized, and complements its empowering and down-to-earth content.

Health and Fitness Blogs

Keep it SimpElle

keep it simple Elle Blog Screenshot

Keep It SimpElle is an excellent excaple of the power of the WordPress platfrom to elavate personal blogs into dtmaic business ventures. A UK-based fitness, health and fitness blog founded by Elle Linton during the excitement of the 2012 London Olympics. The blog offers a range of content that includes Elle’s personal experiences, as well as her professional advice, workout tips, cycling advice, and nutritional information. 

With an engaging and relatable approach to health and fitness issues, Elles blog encourages her readers to embrace a balanced and active lifestyle and makes achieving that seem attainable.

The site has a clean and user-friendly design, vibrant images and a writing style that is approachable and helps to make the content both inspiring and accessible. Elle’s personal touch and professional insights is evident throughout, ensuring this blog provides a valuable resource for those seeking practical fitness guidance and healthy lifestyle inspiration.

Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook Blog Screenshot

What started in 2012 as Kevin Curry’s Tumblr meal blog has blossomed in the decade since into a large community and successful online business. Fit Men Cook’s focus on nutritious and delicious cooking caters to men seeing easy access to menus and recipes that support various dietary needs in a healthy lifestyle.

This popular blog aims to inspire a love for cooking and a lasting commitment to health. With a blend of accessible meal prep ideas, fitness motivation, and an emphasis on creating a sustainable and balanced approach to eating well, Fit Men Cook ensures its audience can access easy-to-digest meal prep and fitness ideas in minutes.

My Fitness Pal

myfitness Pal Blog Screenshot

MyFitness Pal is a juggernaut in the world of health and fitness apps, with millions of downloads testifying to its ability to track your daily intake of food, exercise, and hydration. The company’s WordPress blog contains recipes, nutrition advice, fitness and weight loss tips, and general inspiration for an active daily life. 

Its Inspiration section encourages readers to share their health and fitness victory stories, and the site is jam-packed with health-related content to help its readers stay on track and reach their fitness goals.

Technology Blogs


TechCrunch Blog Screenshot

TechCrunch was one of the earliest online tech blogs and has grown to become one of the most influential. With blog topics focussed on tech news reporting, emerging startups, and deep dive analysis, the platform provides insights into the latest trends, innovations, and industry developments, ensuring its readers are well-informed about the fast-paced and ever-evolving tech world.

Its lively and engaging comment sections allow users to drop GIFs and images, and answer community questions. In addition, TechCrunch hosts the annual 3-day Disrupt Conference, featuring prominent thought leaders in the tech industry. This event also provides the community with a platform to network, exchange ideas, and showcase new startups and technologies. 


Slashgear Blog Screenshot

Slashgear began life as a mobile tech blog in 2005 but has expanded its focus to consumer electronics, entertainment, science, health, gaming, and cars. It now serves content to over 5 million monthly readers.

What makes SlashGear valuable is its comprehensive coverage of its subject areas, where it provides informative and engaging content and detailed analysis that synthesizes much of the current tech zeitgeist in an accessible form.

Ted Blog

TED Blog Screenshot

The TED brand is synonymous with technology and new ideas, often through insightful talks shared on the TED stage. The TED official Blog builds on this IP, offering a diverse range of articles related to the ideas and insights shared on the TED stage.  It includes summaries and deeper explorations of TED Talks, updates on TED events like TEDWomen and TED Countdown Summit, and features on various topics like sustainability, technology, and social issues. 

The blog’s style is engaging and informative, designed to extend the impact of TED’s mission of spreading ideas. It’s valuable for its insightful content, offering readers in-depth perspectives and behind-the-scenes looks at the talks and themes presented at TED events.

News & Business Blogs


Time Magazine Blog Screenshot

TIME is a historic bastion of American news journalism, having existed for over a century as a weekly news magazine and later as a digital property. Its stated mission ‘to tell the stories that matter most’ has provided context and understanding to most of the significant events of the past century, and its iconic covers have captured everyone from Charles Lindbergh to Mark Zuckerberg.

TIME Magazine is known for its annual issues like the Time Person of the Year and the Time 100, designating the most influential persons of the year. Its website is a melting pot of the day’s global news alongside its dedicated features and news sections offering deeper dives into current affairs, technology, health, politics, and culture. 

New York Post

New York Post Blog Screenshot

With a history dating back 223 years, the New York Post is often cited as America’s oldest continuously published newspaper. However, there is some dispute about this, since the Post shut down twice during its history due to strike action.

Famous for its tabloid style, occasionally controversial headlines, and “Page Six” gossip section. It has a conservative editorial stance that focuses on celebrity gossip, sports, and sensational news stories. The Post’s reputation is entertaining and provocative; it has been criticized for an apparent lack of journalistic depth but it was the only newspaper to break the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 US  presidential election. The information on the laptop was later confirmed to be true in a New York Times article in 2022.

Visitors to the paper’s website will find eye-catching headlines, celebrity gossip, sports, and a mix of conservative political commentary, entertainment news, and local NYC stories. 

Spotify Newsroom

Spotify For The Record Blog Screenshot

The global music and media platform Spotify relies on WordPress to communicate news and feature updates to its millions of users worldwide. The Spotify Newsroom has a brighter design than many of its competitors and is home to breaking news about the Spotify platform and providing a central hub to jump into its many communities.

Gaming Blogs

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Blog Screenshot

With over 16 million registered accounts and $20m revenue in its latest financial quarter publisher, NCSoft’s confidence in WordPress to handle the front-end coms for its busy user community is a testament to the rock-solid resilience of the WordPress platform. 

The site links new players to the company’s download servers and provides expanded news, community, shop, and service features for its passionate fanbase.

Playstation Blog

PlayStation Blog Screenshot

Visitors to Sony’s Playstation blog will be treated to a ton of information, news, and articles about one of the world’s biggest-selling gaming platforms. The blog covers new game releases, game previews content, updates, and downloadable content for PlayStation games. 

The blog also features interviews with game developers, insights into game development, and announcements of PlayStation events and promotions. 

Film  & Photography Blogs

Peta Pixel

PetaPixel Blog Screenshot

PetaPixel uses the WordPress framework to construct an attractive grid/magazine format to showcase its photography and camera news content. It offers a range of articles, including gear reviews, photography tips, industry news, and showcases of photographic works.

The site caters to professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the latest camera technology and trends in the photography world. 


artborghi Blog Screenshot

ArtBorghi is the personal website of a Swiss-based photographer, Lorenzo Borghi, who describes himself as a composer with a fascination for geometry, patterns, and light. 

The site uses the WordPress platform to showcase the photographer’s portfolio, which seems to include a mix of reportage-style photography with a thoughtful composition.

 The photographer has been taking pictures for 15 years and has a portfolio that includes photographic exhibitions, photo books, and past and present collaborations. Visitors can browse photo collections and inquire about fine art services. There’s also a blog section for updates on projects and exhibitions.

Film Fracas

Film Fracas Blog Screenshot

In many ways, Film Fracas typifies the kind of content that has made WordPress a popular platform for personal websites. Written and created by James, an aspiring film reviewer its an entirely personal collection of thoughts and feelings about the art of cinema.

Highlights include James’s rewrites of the Oscars, in which he offers an opinion on the winners and losers from 1965 to the present and points out what he believes were the missed opportunities!

There are several hundred reviews on the site, all well-constructed and thoughtful, with the only downside being that James hasn’t updated in a while. Nevertheless, for the true movie fan, you’ll find plenty to like here.

Science Blogs


ScienceBlogs Blog Screenshot

ScienceBlogs uses a classic WordPress blog layout to present content about various scientific disciplines, including life sciences, physical sciences, environment, social sciences, education, policy, medicine, brain & behavior, and technology. The layout is similar to traditional blogging platforms, prioritizing ease of access and readability for the audience.

Articles address current scientific research, analyses, and opinion pieces on relevant topics. The presentation is straightforward, with articles categorized under their respective scientific field, and each category has a list of recent articles with a brief summary visible on the main page. 

The Rocket Science Blog

The Rocket Science Blog Screenshot

The Rocket Science Blog is a classic personal blog showcasing a University of Michigan teacher who gives a weekly class to students on rocket science sharing his passion with the rest of the world.  The site covers the basics of rocket science – how rockets work, who creates them, the space race, satellites, how to get to the moon and Mars, and other interesting things about NASA, the USSR, and space. 

Travel Blogs


notesplustultra Blog Screenshot

Notesplusultra.com beautiful example of a WordPress personal blog by James, a writer and traveler from Hong Kong who has lived and studied in Europe and is currently based in Jakarta. 

The blog contains chronicles of his extensive travels, focusing on the cultural and historical aspects of the destinations he visits. James’ background in architecture and his passion for storytelling is reflected in his detailed posts and beautiful images, which often delve into the history and significance of the places he explores

Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only Blog Screenshot

From stunning Ice caves in Iceland to ​​Searching For The One-Horned Rhino In Chitwan, Nepal, this travel blog beautifully captures the travel adventures of Yaya and Lloyd, two adventurous travelers roaming the globe in search of fun, food, and new experiences.

The site is beautifully designed with large full format photography, and a relatable blogging style that includes personal explorations, and videos from their popular YouTube channel.

And There You Have It

We hope this exploration of WordPress’s diverse blogs has been enlightening. These blogs, embodying the adaptability and personality of WordPress, range from individual voices sharing passions to businesses sharing expertise. They highlight WordPress’s ability to empower varied voices and communities through travel narratives or technological analyses. WordPress offers a haven for slower, richer explorations in our fast-paced world, reminding us of the less traveled paths still available for discovery.

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