ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Content Strategy

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The development of AI technology has brought forth numerous tools capable of assisting us in various areas of our lives, with the OpenAI’s GPT-3, particularly its ChatGPT application,a standout example. When it comes to content strategy and SEO, brainstorming new ideas could be laborious and time-consuming. Herein, ChatGPT becomes instrumental as a brainstorming tool. In this article, we will explore 10 innovative ChatGPT prompts to turbocharge your SEO content strategy brainstorming.

1. Generate Blog Topic Ideas

One amazing feature of using ChatGPT is its potential to conjure up unique blog topic ideas. A prompt like “Generate 10 blog topic ideas related to personal finance” will give you a list of appealing and suitable topics in seconds.

2. Create Engaging Headlines

Simply put, “Show me five enticing headlines for a blog post about sustainable agriculture.” This should spark interesting headline suggestions from the AI model.

3. Keyword Research

Ask the model questions like, “What are the top trending keywords for digital marketing in 2021?” to aid your efforts in keyword identification and optimization.

4. Long-tail Keyword Suggestions

Prompt the model “Give me some long-tail keyword suggestions for ‘vegan recipes'” to discover unique long-tail keywords, potentially increasing your audience reach.

5. Semantic SEO

“Suggest alternative ways to say ‘improve SEO ranking'” would supply semantically similar phrases, enhancing your content’s depth and richness without keyword stuffing.

6. Content Cluster Ideas

ChatGPT can be prompted, “Provide five content cluster ideas around digital marketing” to create a detailed map of related content, thereby improving interconnectivity and SEO.

7. Meta Descriptions

With a prompt like “Write a meta description for a blog post about SEO tricks.”, ChatGPT can assist you in drafting engaging and suitable meta descriptions that entice users.

8. Blog Title Optimisation

By prompting, “Optimize the title of this blog post: ‘A guide to SEO.'”, you can get suggestions for a more catchy and SEO-friendly title.

9. Featured Snippet Suggestions

By asking, “Create a potential featured snippet for a how-to blog post about making vegan burgers.”, you can acquire a concise and informative response suitable for a featured snippet.

10. Social Media Post Ideas

Finally, you can prompt with “Suggest five different social media post ideas to promote this blog article about mobile app development.” to market your content effectively and creatively across various social platforms.


In conclusion, ChatGPT is a versatile and innovative tool that can reformulate your SEO content strategy brainstorming. While it doesn’t replace human creativity and strategic thinking, it does offer a new realm of possibilities to bolster these capabilities. Embrace the future of SEO with AI-powered brainstorming and shape your brand’s destiny.

Peter Zaborszky

Written by Peter Zaborszky

Cofounder of AutoSEO. Building tools to simply and supercharge SEO tasks with AI.